Hello, world! I’m Chingchu Yuen, you can call me Zoo.

Introducing oneself is a disappointing thing, for it always reminds you how simple and ordinary you are. But I am still on the way to make myself  a little  more special, to me, to you, and to the world. I am a student from business school, having nearly zero background of  journalism. Lucky enough, I found my love for Media while I was in university. Whether it is right for me to come here is hard to tell, but the fact is I am here, now.

Things in the world are seldom either black or white, but for me, there are still some things that have the absolute correctness:  the curiosity about the world, the ability of analyzing things, and the love for people. That is the image of journalist buried in my head.

One year may not be able to serve as a splendid chapter of your whole life, but it is enough to become a turning point. I will try to use all my senses to explore this island, to see, to listen, to smell, to chew. Now the dish is right here in front of us. Hey guys, let’s start to eat. =)


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