Shanghai Kiu Kwen Barbershop

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Between 1940 and 1950, many Shanghainese immigrants carried their capital and skills into Hong Kong. Among them were some Shanghai style barbers who brought a kind of unique service to this new environment.

Shanghai style barbershops have some distinctive characteristics, such as face shaving, nail cutting, and ear cleaning. All of them highlight the ideas of professional, hygienic and enjoyable experience with a customer-first orientation in whole grooming process.

Mr. Gou Dak Tin is the owner of Kiu Kwen Barber shop in North Point, which is the biggest Shanghai style barbershop in Hong Kong. Mr. Gou is sixty-seven years old and came to Hong Kong for living in 1959. He is the third generation in the barber business from the Gou family.

Shanghai style barbershop used to be part of the everyday lives of Hong Kong people, but now it becomes a sunset industry. It faces some challenges such as rising rents, lack of new blood participation, and modern style competitors. The numbers of Shanghai style barbershops are getting less and less in Hong Kong in recent years.

“If you come to Hong Kong five years later, you may find my shop not exist,” said Mr. Gou.


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