Within arm’s length——puppet artist in Hong Kong

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Wong Fai, a puppet artist in Hong Kong, began to learn puppet when he was 17 years. He immigrated to Hong Kong in the 1970s, and brought the puppet show here as well.

Wong opens up some puppet tutorial courses. People who love this kind of shows will come to learn from him. His students range from eight years old children to eighty years old elderlies coming from home and abroad.

Puppetry is now probably more familiar through television and movies rather than through live performance, but the true essence is lost on the screen. Puppet show is a kind of art within arm’s length. “Within arm’s length” means controlling the puppet with arms in a skillful way. It also means the distance between the performer and audience is very close, unlike some performance high on the stage.

Puppet show used to be very popular in the old days, but now fewer and fewer people have interest on it. “This kind of art is not very promising. But I won’t leave it and will do my best,” said Wong.


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