Same Thing, Different Reasons

by Chingchu Yuen

When talking about the “5W&1H”, “why” might be the most interesting part. There are so many interesting stories lying in the motivation of everybody. As a student journalist, I am curious about why those successful journalists chose this career. Here are the answers of five HKBU-SOPA Award winners’.

 Mr.Titthara May is a news editor from the Phnom Penh Post. In Cambodia, journalism has no independence because of the control of government and tycoons. Since there is a lack of law protection, journalists may even lost their lives during investigation. Titthara chose this career out of a most profound love for journalism. With a shy smile on the face, you can tell Titthara is not very talkative, but the peaceful looking cannot cover his strong persistence from deep inside.

As foreign journalists working on China’s topic, Mr. Jamil Anderlini and Mr.Michael Forsythe share the same motivation. The excitement about the truth and passion for writing dive them a lot. Besides they regard it a responsibility for them to defend the independence and credibility of journalism, especially while Chinese journalists are not able to do so.

Having seen the recession of news industry, Mr. Ernest Chi’s feeling is more than words. Being the leader of Investigative team, Mr. Chi has disclosed many dark side of the society. He thinks today’s media is getting more and more entertaining, far away from the initial. “But our spirit is still on”, said Mr. Chi, “It’s time for us to go back to the starting point, and do something really helpful to our society.”

For Mr. Thomas Fuller, maybe it is Journalism chose him other than he chose journalism. He never dreamed of becoming a journalist until being inspired by one of his university tutor and a motorcycle tour around the world. He started his job as a travel journalist and found his love for journalism. From then on, he enjoyed his career and could not even stop.

You see, people are doing the same things out of different motivations. Some motivations are long-lasting and profound, while some are just simple and accidental. But you cannot deny that they both did a good job. It is the persistence that really counts. If you have a direction and never give up, I believe that one day you will surely make a difference.


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